What we do


With a highly qualified team and with the certifications:

- Engine maintenance
- Truss assembly
- Vertical work and rope access
- Sound system suspension
- Scenario suspension
- Light system suspension
- Safe Handling with Lift and Transport Machines - Mobile People Lift Platform
- Safe Handling with Lift and Transport Machines - Front & Telescopic Forklift
- Acrobatic Rigging


We have automation equipment for all kinds of applications. Our technicians are highly qualified for the assembly and operation of any type of automation.

Technical Direction

Through our specialists, we carry out the technical visit and proceed to the implementation and coordination of any project in the area of the Rig (suspension of structures), from the calculations, technical drawing, to its execution.


We inspect and advise on the appropriate equipment and all technical details for the implementation of any project.

Equipment Rental

We rent all kinds of equipment necessary for the implementation of structures, or execution of any type of suspension.

- Truss
- Engines
- Frame accessories
- Personal protection equipment
- Motorised rails
- Curtains

Inspection of PPE

Inspections to Personal Protective Equipment, give the guarantee that this equipment is in accordance with the standards, meets the certifications and is valid for use.

Inspection of Structures

We guarantee the physical and safety condition of an entire structure, as well as its accessories, so that it can be used safely.


We train and prepare technicians of rig, with basic and fundamental notions essential for the execution of any work in the area of rig.


Dimensioning, Creation and Development of Acrobatic Apparatus.