Who We Are


Evil Angels is an event service provider specialized in rigging - assembly and suspension of structures - in the market since 2003. It is the result of a vast experience of work in this area by its founder, Joaquim Silva, the first national rigger to obtain the PLASA (UK) certification with the National Rigging Certificate level 3.


The quality of the services provided has made Evil Angels a leading company in its field in the portuguese national market and with a recognized international position.

Today Evil Angels provides rigging services for all areas of events, in areas as diverse as television, theatre, cinema, circus, corporate events and concerts. It provides services to a wide range of leading customers in the national entertainment industry, being the exclusive provider of Rig services in companies as relevant as Altice Arena and Campo Pequeno. On the international scene, it works with several companies from which Cirque du Soleil stands out, with whom it has collaborated since 2009 on several world wide shows.

With safety and innovation as our main concerns, Evil Angels presents itself as an indisputable synonym of quality that goes beyond the simple provision of rigging services.

The company makes its vast experience in the area available to its clients, contributing to the development of projects, creative development and dimensioning of suspension structures and systems. The passion for doing more and better has always been the guiding orientation of this company, which intends to continue to present itself at the highest level by innovating its capabilities and competences.

The Quality Commitment of a Multipurpose Team

Evil Angels ' success is based on a multi-purpose team that offers a wide range of skills. The certification of each employee's skills has an added value to the company's policy. The working environment in which EVIL ANGELS operates imposes very specific safety concerns for all those involved in the different jobs. The training of our staff and the development of specific skills are the main ways to minimise risks.

Definition of Rig

Rigging is understood as all technical execution, which aims to suspend and lift mechanical loads on structures or buildings (halls, stadiums, stages, theatres).

Origin of the term...

The term rigger has its origin in the early days of sailing boats, when the rigger was responsible for assembling the rope systems for lifting the sails of the vessel. At a time when all the work was done simply by physical effort, without the use of mechanical systems other than pulleys and ropes.

Subsequently, the activity was extended to other professional areas, and today it is widely spread, occupying a relevant place in the area of events.

Riggers are specialized technicians, in the execution of suspension works of equipment and/or heavy or large structures in areas of difficult access.

Touring Rigger

Organizes and directs equipment suspension procedures. As a general rule, he is responsible for the design and sizing of the rigging set used.

House Rigger

It is responsible for all rig work performed in a given room or stage, with regard to the attachment of the production equipment visitor to the support structure of the room (web or grid).

Rigger Hired

is hired to assist a house or a tour rigger, having no responsibilities beyond the careful execution of the tasks assigned to it.

Structure and skills in a team

Head Rigger

Ranger team leader.

Up Rigger

Perform the rigors at height.

Ground or Down Rigger

Executes the rig work on the floor and assists the up riggers.

Flying People Rigger

Responsible for special effects and systems for lifting and moving people and objects, normally responsible for automation systems

"The long-haired roadie as a technician's image was left long ago, giving way today to highly specialized technicians who, supported by complex techniques, carry out concepts involving millionaire budgets".

Chris Higgs - Plasa rigging advisor